Sunday, 7 February 2010

ThisRoad Hits the big time

Consumed by the negativity surrounding John Terry's philandering and Tony Blair's warmongerering (presumably I should say alleged), the national media have hurriedly turned to an altogether more happier tale to lift the countries spirits. It is a story of daring and dastardly deeds, of courage and indeed courageousness, of promises made and records broken (as in we all sound like a broken record)

In today's increasingly Orwellian society the Camberley News stands like a beacon of hope for those who seek the truth. Never afraid to compromise it's integrity for material gain, it's devil may care attitude and razor-sharp reporting have revolutionised local media. And among this throng of journalistic giants, one man stands taller still. A fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants maverick with a nose for a story and a dream of the big time, Mike Wright has galvanised the Camberley News with sensational scoops of the likes of "Who shot Robins family cinema" and "Is my old headmaster a sexual predator?"

And his latest work, incitefully entitled "Intrepid trio ready for Pan-American trip", has all the hallmarks of another best-seller. It is a classic tale of boy meets boy, boy and boy discuss a trip, nobody cares, boy and boy ask handsome boy to come along, handsome boy says yes, people care....

For those of you living in a communications vacuum that even Vodafone can't penetrate, I have reproduced the article below. It is, however, merely the beginning.

Oh, there are prizes for counting the number of mistakes in the picture and the article...

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