Saturday, 20 February 2010

It's all got rather moist!

Ok, I think we've been smited for our earlier gloating about the distinct lack of clouds here in BA. The heavens have opened up and what could only be described as a tropical storm has hit the city causing entire blocks to black-out and turning the street system into something more resembling Venice...

We went to an open warehouse on Monday to see a precussion band, La Bomba de Tiempo, who were unbelievable good. It was kind of like Space in Ibiza with Latino beats. While we were making shapes on the dancefloor the weather decided to take a turn for the worse. As the old adage goes, the rain in Spanish speaking America falls mainly in an uncontrollable down-pour causing flash floods across the city, crippling the transport network and causing city wide blackouts. I’m not sure how common an occurrence this is but we’ve been here a week and it’s happened twice. Last night we weren’t far off swimming back to the hostel, which was in the dark. Still, it’s a lot warmer than Blighty, which we hear may have been crippled by a snow flake.

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