Monday, 18 January 2010

We are sailing, we are sailing (etc)

Expectations are now running high in the ThisRoad camp – we’ve managed to fix Barry (big thanks to Mike, Malcolm and the chaps at Harding Auto Services – Mike, I want discount for the free plug!) and on Tuesday completed the trip to Felixstowe. Has anyone else been to Felixstowe? Why is it that for an island nation we are positively rubbish at creating seaside towns of any merit or redeeming features? Who actually frequents amusement arcades?? I cannot begin to fathom how there can be anything approaching ‘amusing’ in such establishments. Anyhoo, she was squeezed (just) into a 20-foot ISO container and on Saturday departed on some massive ship for Buenos Aires, due to arrive on Tue 16 Feb. Fingers crossed she will emerge in one piece! Managed to attach a couple of surfboards too (purely, in my case, for the image). Due to the radiator ‘issue’ we’ve delayed our flights (although Tim was slightly upset by this as he wanted to put in a good 3 weeks before Barry’s arrival pesting the local girls in BA...) so our D-Day is now Wed 10 Feb – sweet!

PS – As I’m getting slightly board of having to explain (often to blank and/or slightly unimpressed looking faces) why we’ve named our beloved Landcruiser ‘Barry’ when she is clearly a ‘she’ (certainly don’t wish to be seen driving round in a ‘he’; that just isn’t cricket), can we have suggestions for a suitable alternative name?? Answers on a postcard to the usual address. Thanks!

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Georgina Gould said...

I think a name change is important. For some time I was wondering if Webber had jacked in the police to join you, and could not understand why he had been sent to Harding Autos to be 'fixed'...although the police can do that to you (I should know...took me a while to become normal again).

I have no alternatives for you. However, I do see 'Barry' as kind of a third arm for you all. perhaps 'Hair Piece' should be considered

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