Saturday, 13 March 2010

12 Days On This Road: Time For a Photo Montage

It's been 12 days since we started the Tierre del Fuego to Alaska stage of the trip so we thought we would share those dozen days in picture form. Fear not: The verbal will return shortly.
All Journeys Have a BeginningGood Things Come to Those Who Wait - Leaving Tierre del Fuego
Punta Arenas CemetryPenguins
The Open [and Endless] RoadTim Gives You: Torres del Paine National Park
Dusk Falls: The Jagged Torres Stand Silent Lomo
The Star of The Team The Road Beckons
Ice Ice Baby This Thing Doesn't Drive Itself
Free ShowersUpon Closer Inspection We Deemed The Tyre Unserviceable
This Road is in ChileChaiten: Ghost Town


Anonymous said...

Hello travellers! Love the pics and very glad to hear fro you at last!!! Here at home having devoured some roasty lamb et al with Tav and Nic and I'm not looking forward to my first day back at work after skiing in Finland and seeing sis in Cambridge last week - ah me! So now I'm also looking forward to hearing some real written news and some emails - good, goody!
Ta ta
Ma xxxxxx

chris said...

Hey guys! Following your blog with utter jealousy! Looks like you are having a great time and the scenery looks absolutely breathtaking. Good luck for the rest of the trip and keep up the great writing and superb pics!

Scott said...

Ice Ice Baby = INSANE!

I hate you all!

Lots of Love from Scott

rbaz said...

amazing pics chaps. its looks incredible, 'dusk falls' looks unreal. i'm not at all jealous as i sit revising for exams!

rbaz said...

.... and is that your tyre? what's the story with that?

Nic said...

holy shit, I want in...can you swing by chichester and pick me up?! These photos are incredible. Actually, i'm not jealous, i'm really enjoying working at uni...thinking about doing a master straight after this..ha ha NOT! Hope all is well.

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